Increase Conversion Rates On Your Existing Site With Targeted Experiences

Our Thesis

Most sites (especially those built on platforms like Shopify, Wordpress, and Salesforce) are static. The typical site’s experience doesn’t change based on repeat visit behavior, traffic source, or level of intent. That’s a big opportunity to address.

Every site contains a multitude of intuitive and potentially high impact customization opportunities. For example, why would you show first time visitors and repeat visitors the exact same homepage experience? Why not feature a product they had viewed previously?

Internal teams are often focused on critical paths (e.g. purchase flow) and often can’t prioritize small but impactful conversion focused tests, like customizing discounts and prices by traffic source.

The Thesis platform allows us to test conversion rate enhancements on your existing site via a nearly instant integration.

How it works

We start by integrating the Thesis Pixel with your site. This allows us to collect data and create audience clusters using dimensions including behavior, referral, campaign parameters, demographics, device, and more. We also assess common user paths on-site and look for optimization opportunities.

Once we’ve identified opportunities, we deploy those experiences to your site via our pixel. We ensure that the front-end aesthetic is consistent with your brand, and thoroughly QA the experiences across all devices, browsers, etc.

We use hold-out testing to measure the results of our experiments. We graduate the winners, and move on to work on other optimization opportunities!

Example use cases

Smart Retargeting

Product specific retargeting for repeat site visitors.


Offer upsells on high traffic, low CVR SEO & content pages.

Baboon to the Moon Onsite Optimization
Baboon to the Moon Onsite Optimization


Simplify site experiences for new visitors to funnel towards key conversion events.