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frequently asked questions

  • We’re a conversion rate optimization company. We use our proprietary platform to build and optimize landing pages and on-site experiences.

  • They’re often neglected, misused, under-developed, unoptimized, or buried in a backlog. Landing pages are a great means to support paid acquisition campaigns across social, search, affiliate, and more.

    We use our tech & teams to generate, test, and optimize beautiful, on-brand landing pages.

  • We use our proprietary pixel to measure audience segments and page conversion rates across your website. Using those insights, we build targeted, client-side experiments to increase conversion rates.

    For example, using our platform we can identify repeat site visitors and show them targeted product recommendations and discounts as they return.

  • We define a strategy with you to increase your conversion rates. We use that strategy to identify landing page and on-site conversion rate improvement opportunities. We build a backlog of experiment ideas, and we iterate through those ideas in close partnership with your team.

  • We believe in some cases we are actually more cost-effective, as our platform uses modular components rather than building from scratch. Also, we bet your internal dev/product teams would like to focus elsewhere while our team acts as incremental resourcing in support of your growth efforts. Most importantly, we do this sort of work every day, and we leverage our best practices for all of our clients.

  • The Thesis pixel provides us a unique way to identify conversion rate improvement opportunities.

    Our platform offers more complex landing pages, like quizzes, API integrations, and ad campaign-tailored LPs.

    Also, our designers and developers ensure every page we produce is high-fidelity, responsive, and on-brand.

  • Years of experience doing this sort of testing. We take those learnings and apply them to our component library. This shortens the learning curve and helps our clients grow faster.

  • We measure our experiments with proper control groups using the Thesis pixel. Further, we can measure experiment results using your existing tracking, attribution, and web analytics. We simply compare our data vs. what you’ve done in the past.

  • We are proud to count a number of leading growth agencies as partners, including Ampush, Bamboo, Metric Digital, and SocialCode, among others.

    That said, for a subset of our clients we actively manage acquisition channels (Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Snap, etc.) and provide creative optimization. Those efforts are closely coordinated with our conversion rate optimization work on-site and via landing pages.

  • We are proud to partner with a number of leading performance agencies. Notably, our friends at offer a discount if you choose to work with us! The Thesis team internally has some creative capacity, and we’d be happy to help you explore all of the available options out there.

  • We love to talk about funnels, creative, content, conversion rate optimization, and landing pages. Every client is different. It really depends on your current channel and campaign. We’d love to have an opportunity to learn about your needs and craft a proposal.